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New Guitar from Mr Hutchins. The PBHV will be avaliable Here very soon…

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An experiment. The shot was a test shot from last year, using colour gels then cooling off some of the colour. Thought id have a go at painting the colour in. Blue was the original.

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Hutchins Wine, now avaliable from BUTLER’s in Brighton, and

Production stills for a new show, hopefully coming soon. Dolly Loves teddy. Very funny surreal show by Rachel Heaton.

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The Hutchins ‘Regent’ ‘Buckingham’ and the HA Acoustic Series. Lovely new guitars by the Mr Hutchins himself, shot on a sofa with some card and a reflector. Check him out at If your interested in these guitars contact me or mr hutchins himself, either through the website linked or through my contact. All images by myself Samuel Wilcox and copyright etc.

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Posh name ‘Dioptrics’.

Images from the Late @ Tate on the 2nd of July. I was shooting for Rag & Bow Vintage Fashion, with a pop up studio in the centre of the Tate Britain, we got to project the images onto the side of the Tate interior. Despite one of the lamps going down half way. Sorry for the delay. If you are in any of the images and would like a copy for print/anything else, please contact me.

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Willow Path


These shots were from the first shoot, im trying different compositions.