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Hutchins Live is coming to a Brighton near you. Our launch night on the 13th of October will see 4 Bands, playing for the affection of the crowd, for a chance to win a very good prize (which we havent sorted yet).

Hutchins Live is a new TV program that is gonna be going out on Guitarist TV, MTM Radio, and Radio Reverb; as well as youtube, blogs, facebook, twitter etc etc.

We will be showcasing new and established bands, artists and talent from Brighton and the rest of the UK, with fortnightly events at the Brunswick, Holland Road and Latest Music Bar, Manchester Street, culminating in a BLOW out party of all the best bands from the series. Its gonna be good.

The first event is 13th October at the Brunswick Brighton. Last weekend we covered playgroup festival, just out side of Tunbridge Wells. Search for us on Facebook, Hutchins Live. Here are some of my images.


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  1. Hello Samuel! What an attractive page – loving the photos 🙂
    As a music photographer, it would be great to have a shot paragraph about what makes a great shot of a musical artist. Perhaps I could pop up a link on a news email to all my subscribers?

    • Hello, thanks very much. I could give it a go, i think its mostly down to patience to be honest. If its ok ill come back with something better, and it would be great if you could send a link around. I’m mad busy at the sec but will get back to you properly.

      Thanks Again,
      Sam x

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