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Below is the link to another review of the ‘Transmission’ exhibition.

“…Samuel Wilcox’s work sits particularly well within the disused space. Old negatives have been meticulously reproduced and enlarged to show every sign of age and stroke of man: small children in Sunday best are vague apparitions behind generations of dust and scratches, thumbprints distort long-since forgotten family portraits. “This was a response to my own feelings of ancestry, how I knew – or didn’t know in actual fact – my grandparents,” Wilcox explains of his striking imagery. “So I was patching these holes with the images that I found, someone else’s grandparents. I called it Grey Matter because that’s a more ambiguous part of the brain – and that’s what I was feeling with these images. I’m not sure how they make me feel but they make me feel something.” It is a moving and intriguing set of work that plays on people’s own memories and feelings of nostalgia, inviting them to make up their own stories.

Transmission is a compelling exhibition. Carefully considered and interesting in its eclecticism, it boasts some stunning photography and is well worthy of a visit before it ends this Sunday, 17th October. ”


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