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Here are some of the starting images of a project, i am attempting to place “high art” into the modern mundane situations. Below is the original by Henry Wallis.

As it stands the project is as of yet unfulfilled, but the intention is to explore  art’s relation and context to/in everyday life with in stories of people. Attempting to create in one image,  the past and present, a memory of time and narrative in a instant. Remaking classics in their possible happening in life not just in appearance but in content; For example Death of Chatterton is about the suicide of the poet Thomas Chatterton in 1770. The image above is  a reference to wasted time and a waste of talent in a young person. A story of depression that seems so common in my generation.  Below are a few more images, the titles are the names of the original work.


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  1. Nice work!

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